Best must-have pieces to welcome the longwear trend

longwear dress 2016
  • Velvet/woven maxi dress.

    Long sleeved, closed dresses made of thin velvet or jersey, are the favorites of this fall. Decorated with the golden and silver elements (buttons, belts, brooches), the dress is excellent to pair with the short leather jacket or a coat with the smooth non-textured fabric.
    Preferable colors are matte emerald green, purple, deep red, indigo and terracotta.longwear dress 2016

  • Trouser suit.

    Extra-long trousers with the loose jacket are headliners of the street fashion for this fall/winter. Monochrome muted colors are welcomed. Narrowing or widening trousers are preferred over the straight one. The jacket is great to match with quite massive bright accessories.

  • Long poncho.

    Long poncho of muted pastel colors is a must-have item of your trendy longwear wardrobe. As geometrical patterns are winning for this season, a strappy of cubical print on your poncho is a perfect choice.

  • Maxi pleated skirt.

    Yes, pleated skirts have returned with the help of the biggest fashion houses as it became obvious at the recent New York Fashion Week.
    Extra-long pleated skirts are allowed to pair with almost anything you wish, except the pleated tops of course. Whatever you’d want to wear it with, be sure it’ll still be trendy as hell. Add a cute micro bad to make a look absolutely perfect.