Expensive vs. Cheap bra – is it really worth to pay more?

It’s amazing, how a tiny piece of lace and silk could skyrocket the price of intimate apparel by hundreds of dollars.  Have you ever wondered what exactly makes expensive lingerie so pricey except the name of the brand the producer has put on a price sticker?

Let’s shed some light on it and find out what is the difference and what are the benefits (if any) of the expensive bra comparing to inexpensive.

Expensive bra – a High-tech of the lingerie industry

There is no exaggeration in that headline, as producing a high-quality bra requires an ultimate accuracy and superior technology. A bra consists of dozens of elements which have to be connected and seamed with an excellent precision, especially when it comes to dealing with such delicate fabrics as lace and tulle. Here we’ve found one of the most comprehensive explanations on what makes a bra so pricey compared to other items of an intimate wardrobe http://www.teenvogue.com/story/cost-of-lingerie-explainer

Many say that a cheap bra may not show any difference from the expensive one, but it is only fair until you wear it a couple of times. Expensive bra keeps its shape and seams intact after wearing and washing dozens of times, unlike the cheap one. It explains by the quality and a type of threads used in production, by the strength of seams and a quality of the fabric itself.

Looks expensive – feels great!

Needless to say but something which is cheap is usually neither good-looking nor durable. Everything counts:

Origin and quality fabric’s colorant

High-quality colorant allows the bra color last as long as possible, without fading and washing away. Low-quality colorant often leaves stains on the inner side of clothing, irritates skin and above all – the colors gradually goes away with the each wash.

Strength and a quality of seams

Reliable seams and lines make expensive lingerie exceptionally durable, keeping its initial new look. Poorly done seams split out, leaving sticking out threads which worsen the overall look of the lingerie.

Quality of closure and underwire

It’s obvious that a cheap bra’s closure and other elements are made of the cheapest materials as well.

So, the metal of the fastening elements and the underwire could easily break out and get covered with rust stains if the metal was coated poorly. Besides, a low-quality underwire bends easily, deforming the shape of cups.

Shape of the bra

Expensive bra keeps the shape of cups, straps, and band unchanged, without stretches and deformations after the multiple cycles of washing and wearing.

There are many more mistakes and misconceptions in choosing and wearing bras, as it’s brilliantly described in this article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/05/bra-mistakes-fix_n_3854055.html

The bottom line is – an expensive bra is not always a highly advertised bra or a bra from the most well-known brands. Nevertheless, you obviously can’t expect a quality from bras bought at bazaars under the 10$, simply because the cost of high-quality lingerie production itself is reasonably high.