Look like a star, feel like a big cat!

Who could ever think that famous leopard print will come back so soon to become the most powerful trend of the coming fall (according to the Vogue)?
You may love it or hate it but you can’t deny the fact that no one can stay indifferent to the animalistic prints, appealing to our deepest instincts.

We actually celebrate the loud comeback of animalistic spots, as leopard print can turn any boring outfit into the provocative look. Any leopard printed accessory is a statement, which can   not be ignored.

So, what are the most powerful attention drawers of the coming fall/winter?

1. Leopard printed coats are shown at the major runaways by almost all fashion houses, from the H&M to Givenchy, Moschino, and Prada: http://www.fashionisers.com/trends/fall-winter-2015-2016-print-trends/

These coats of slightly-above- or lower knee length are flashing at Milan, London, New York, leaving no chance to miss this trend. Paired with whatever you want (yet, monochrome colored) leopard-printed coats could be featured with a removable artificial fur collar.

2. The second place at the leopard prints trend is taken by animalistic printed dresses, whatever the style. To make the look more explicit and sophisticated you should wear the dress with no additional accessories and preferably with nude shoes. Leopard print is bright and intentional enough to stuff it with something else. Literally, when it comes to leopard prints – the less is more.


For the stunning night out look, this fall officially offers animalistic evening gowns with the classic low neckline and provocative cleavage. It’s time to show the power of raw femininity without a hint of humbleness.
According to Elle the androgynous outfit is considered a crime this autumn/winter. The winning choice and our editor’s pick is a leopard print dress with the lower part made of leather by Phillip Lim.

3. Jackets! Here you may release your fantasy and wear the jackets of any length, style or texture as long as they are leopard printed. Pair it with black or gray “skinnies” and with the scarf of the same color.


Feel free to step away from the traditional jackets and try sporty and street styles! Leopard and animalistic prints are not about the natural colors solely. This time, you are welcomed to wear red of black and blue on white spots, or whatever the colors combination appeals to you.

4. And finally – leopard print accessories. The “rule of one” is still at place. If you are wearing animalistic print shoes – the rest of your outfit should be of the monochrome color (preferably black, brown or nude).

Scarf, purse, wide bracelets and chokers – all the variety of accessories will come in handy to make a fashionable statement this season.


We know you’ve already fallen in love with that animalistic flashback from the nineties, but remember there is a fine line between a fashion accent and obsession when it comes to leopard prints.